Spring & Winter

February 12th, 2014 | Tagged: , ,

Ice Storm Pt.2

We did have that ice storm. Preparing for it was almost fun. I baked gingerbread, put coffee in the thermos, and stored extra filtered water. Some people lost power but we didn’t. We had crisp ice pellets fall and create a smooth surface of ice on the ground, a few inches thick. It crunched like gravel and splintered into slush when you stepped on it. It lasted for about two or three days, then suddenly everything melted during lunch and we went back into work the next day. (Though I’d been working from home the whole time.)



It has started to warm up again. I started a few plants outside. Then I had to go to Toronto on business. (Regrettably, Natalie was away at school and we couldn’t meet. TOT ) It was so cold! It was my first time there and in Canada, so it was an experience. Also quite terrifying to go by myself, but I tried to make the best of it. I saw a few cool things like the view from the top of the CN Tower. Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre was also beautiful–it’s a direct view of Lake Ontario. It looks like it’s a really fun place in the summer.



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Other than that, I haven’t been doing much. I made a new friend from another friend, Riho, and it turns out she lives close by! *onpu We’ve been getting together a lot lately. On Sunday we had Thai food and crepes (above). Other than that, things have calmed down significantly and have mostly been good for the past few weeks. I’ve been more realistic about what I can take on and have had to turn down some things. And even though I don’t relish it, it’s felt good to do that for myself. To be able to acknowledge, hey that is probably gonna stress me the fuck out, and to pull back a bit–either by saying now’s not a good time or not committing to do as much.

Snow & Ice Pt. 2

February 11th, 2014 | Tagged:


We’ve been warned of another winter storm. It was supposed to start last night so we were told to work from home today. My parents had snow almost all day but we had nothing but drizzles. It felt ridiculous to be working from home for wet pavement, but it sounded like ice was already accumulating in other parts of the state (about an hour or less north).

We still don’t have any snow, but another wave of it is supposed to come around midnight. This time is supposed to be heavy sleet and ice is supposed to coat the roads half an inch thick or so?? Plus 1 ~ 3 inches of ice. We’ll see. It’s hard to believe when it’s just cold outside. I’m preparing just in case we loose power. I think I’ll be fine even if I do.

Hope you’re doing well.