A few days

August 3rd, 2014

PhotoGrid_1407083010247Things have been fairly quiet since I got back. A new place opened by work and the bibimbap I got there was amazing. Yesterday Michael and I went out to the pool and then to a fair to see fireworks. It was really nice to get our and do such summery things.


July 27th, 2014

PhotoGrid_1406518516599Tuesday Michael and I met for dinner and to pet bunnies at the pet store. We ended up meeting an enormous black bunny, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and cats.

Afterwards we went for a walk in the park nearby. It’s got a playground, community garden, open field, tennis courts, and walking trail all tucked away behind the next neighborhood. We walked about a quarter of the trail but I was in wedges and exhausted from work so we went back partway. We could see the highlights, though, like the creek arms bridge over the railway tracks.

Next day Riho-chan came over and we watched most of Eva 3.33 but I think she got bored of the gauss playing piano because at some point we started playing New Leaf (haha).

Thursday I left early for New England and I’m still there. More on that later!