Happy New Year 2015 & 2014 in Review

December 31st, 2014 | Tagged:

2014 in review

- December: Quiet Christmas and New Years
- November: Perfume in NYC!
- October: Britni visited, Halloween with Riho
- September: Lantern Parade, Made yukata for Japan Fest, Anime Con, rode a four-wheeler
- August & October: Two weddings & the beach, fireworks and the pool
- July: Beach days at Cape Code & Connecticut, visited family in Massachusetts, went to Maine (completing all states on the East Coast!), baseball game
- May: MomoCon, turned 25
- April: Visited Toronto & therefore Canada for the first time
- January & February: Ice storms

Honestly, this year was hard for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun times and did a lot of stuff as you can see above, but I just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was just passing time as pleasantly as possible. I did accomplish my goal of not procrastinating so much, and I’ve been super productive in a variety of ways.

This upcoming year I want to keep going, to change something, to rework my life so that I can feel like I’m headed in a direction I want to go in. I have some specifics in mind, but to be honest, if I’m able to change anything in a way that makes me happier that will be a success.

Hope you all have a wonderful new year! *sparkle *celebrate


November 1st, 2014

Happy Halloween! I hope everybody had a good time! We dressed up for work and even got to leave a little early. (*’▽’*)♪I watched some scary shows on TV and ate candy and then Riho and I went to a haunted house. This year was witch themed so I was curious lol. There were lots of different rooms and themes and we definitely screamed hahahaha it was a lot of fun! Afterwards we got tea and dumplings. (*・ω・)/:*:・:*:・
The weather was beyond perfect for Halloween. It got dark quickly and stayed overcast with light rain. It was super windy and blew off the leaves from the trees as the temperature dropped. First night of the year I had to turn on the heat! I expect I’ll be packing up all the summer clothes and stuff today.
I love this time of year, though. The cold air is refreshing and coming in from the cold.is one of the best feelings in the world, i think. Even though I have a sweatshirt it’s colder than I was expecting today. I’m starting the day with breakfast at a nearby Jewish diner i hadn’t tried yet…they gave me latkes and everything was delicious.

Things have been mostly the same. I’ve been working hard, especially this week, day and night for the most part. But i’m challenging myself and learning new things, so it’ll be worth it. :)

Today is día de los muertos…anyone celebrating I hope it’s a happy and peaceful day for you.