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Hello! It’s been ages.

Things have been all over the place. I’ve been struggling to get everything set up properly in the new place: car registration, insurance, preliminary apartment hunting, etc., etc., it feels like it never ends. My days and commute are long and I often I feel like I don’t have time to do anything but work, eat, and sleep. And there’s been times where I’ve been really overwhelmed by everything I feel like I need to do.

So that’s the worst of it. Other than that, things have been really good. I started a new job, which I like a lot, and puts me in a good place for where I want to go career-wise. The location is good and gives me the in to move to Boston that I’ve been looking for. My workmates are great so far, and super friendly.

I’ve been able to take daytrips or weekends to NYC, a farm, and Martha’s Vineyard since I’ve been here. I’ve really enjoyed the warm but not oppressive summer, local ice cream, gorgeous foliage in the fall (NOTHING like the drab colors down south).

On the whole I feel a lot better about where I am. I look forward to the day and I want to know what will happen next. I feel like there’s surprises ahead if I choose to pursue them. Maybe that’s just being in a new environment and acclimating. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s too early to tell. The only thing I realized is that I feel no interest in going back to Atlanta, not even for the holidays. I’d like to see my family, but I don’t miss the city and I have no desire. If I went back, there would be places I’d go, for sure, but it’s not something I miss. I don’t know how to explain it.

So things are going really well. And I’m really proud of myself because I did something scary and I tried something new and I succeeded, and I’m better off for it. And maybe it will not be permanent and things will get sticky later, but for right now I’m so, so glad I did this. Ever since I came up in June I’ve been so so glad I did this.

End of Summer

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I always thought photos like this were heavily edited to fade out the sky but  I’ve been paying more attention and the sky does naturally come out like this (and even lighter). It seems like the hottest, haziest days have the palest skies. Cooler days tend to have more vibrant, robins’-egg colors.