Wedding Shopping Complete

July 21st, 2014 | Tagged: ,

I went shopping with a friend today (Saturday) for Daniel’s wedding. We’d spent time together before,  but this was our first time hanging out one on one and I was really happy she invited me out.  She’s really fashionable so I was grateful up have her advice. We must have gone in twenty stores (with a break for some pasta) and I was able to get everything I needed for the wedding,  primarily shoes. They don’t have a heel, but they are sparkly,  so I think it should be alright. I grabbed some impulse purchases as you can see, but they were all things I’ll wear, things I’d been looking for, and things that were marked down. I also donated two large bags of clothes and shoes last week, so I think it’s ok :)


Here’s what I grabbed while out today. I’m trying hard to add more colors to my wardrobe and today was a success :)

I had a great time with my friend and it was nice to hang out with her

Lately I’ve been reading a lot & otherwise playing a lot of Animal Crossing and reading shiba in blogs. It’s been a quiet summer thusfar…

First May Weekend – Mid July

July 18th, 2014 | Tagged: ,

Another few months have passed by; it seems like my writing habits reflect my overall enthusiasm inasmuch as I post frequently in spring and fall off altogether by summer. Summer is usually dreary for me and I feel it passes slowly and uneventfully.


I’ll just summarize (roughly in order) the past few months:

  • Planted plants. Some more successfully than others
  • MomoCon was fun and successful as usual, really had a great time
  • Immediately bought tickets for Seishun Con to curtail my disappointment in MomoCon’s ending so quickly. The venue was far and rather poor, it really wasn’t worth what I spent to attend.
  • Bought tickets to see Perfume in NYC
  • Went to Cape Cod for 4th of July but everything was cancelled due to hurricane Arthur. Still beautiful!
  • Visited family in MA & CT (same trip)
  • Leaving again next week for MA again ha



Today I met with Michael for dinner and had a great time. We realized that his brother’s wedding over Labor Day will be the third we’ve attended together, somehow. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be going shopping with a friend tomorrow to find some shoes for it and then I should have my outfit ready!

I’m hoping to blog a bit more–I know I say that then go dark for months, but really, if I can make a habit of it I think it would be a help. I want to be able to go back and know what I’m filling my days with…and occasionally sorting my thoughts here is a nice option to have as well.