Becoming Fall

September 19th, 2014

Is it already fall where you are? Sunday and Monday were the first fall-like days we’ve had here. The skies were feathery gray and the air was finally a little bit cool. Some very early leaves have been falling, but really the temperature has been mild and comfortable compared to humid and unbearable. Lately I can open the windows when I come home from work, which is a real treat.

Lately, my friend has been coming over after charging us with the imposing task of making yukata
for Japan Fest. Though I had a sewing machine and some minor experience, I did not feel we were up to the task. Things so far have been turning out well, much better than I expected, and sewing has turned out to be pretty fun. We’re hoping to finish tonight for the festival tomorrow(!).

A friend recommended a nearby bookstore recently, one I drove by everyday but which seemed to only sell specialty books. It turns out not only was that assumption unfounded, but it has the added bonus of being a point of operations for several cats living both inside the store and stays outside basking on the sunny sidewalks. They also rent out vintage books for stocking shelves in the backgrounds of movies and TVs, which is really pretty interesting.

After the festival tomorrow I’ll be leaving for the lake to visit my grandfather for his birthday. Most of the family is coming up and mom had already said she’s making apple pie~ It should be a nice weekend so hopefully I can do a bit of swimming before heading back to the city Sunday.

Goodbye Summer!

September 11th, 2014 | Tagged: , ,

This summer was fairly mild, but as I hate the extreme heat I’m still pretty glad to see it go. Supposedly starting tomorrow things should cool down a bit. :D
That said, this summer was really eventful.


  • Trip to Cape Cod and Connecticut
  • Trip to Massachusetts
  • Karaoke
  • Pool
  • Food truck park
  • Two baseball games
  • Wedding in Mobile
  • Beach trips
  • Lantern Parade

I’ve been crazy busy and trying to push myself to grow and not get holed into anything. I’ve been rediscovering my own city, and finding that if you look there’s plenty to do. I’ve been learning how to motivate myself, how to best keep organized, how to prioritize, how to stay productive, how to get rid of things, and how to say no.

September is one of my favorite months as fall is my favorite season and we have a lot of festivals and events going on locally. I’m looking forward to Japan Fest and AWA especially. My dear friend is also back in town and I am hoping to take full advantage of our time together while she visits.

Hope to write again soon! *onpu