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Yesterday and the day before we didn’t end up getting snow or ice (though it rained a lot and clearly that froze over the next day into late morning). I did spend a half day working at home Monday and all day Tuesday because the Internet went out. I honestly prefer working from home…I feel like I get a lot more done and I can listen to new music while I work~

I was browsing a new-to-me artist, Negicco, which looks fairly cute (though admittedly inexperienced), and later, Perfume’s videos from their BEE-HIVE days. When they were in BEE-HIVE they had a type of informal video diary that they’d sometimes talk to about their day, something new that happened to them, their family, things they bought, etc. This particular video is very long, (an hour and a half!), but over the course of it you can hear each girl sing by herself.

A~chan lays on the couch behind the board and sings most of the time–in case you didn’t know, she has an amazing voice. I was surprised at how good the other two are, though, too! They also sing a lot of late 90′s early 00′s J-Pop from a book including Utada Hikaru (many times), Ootsuka Ai, YUKI, and Aiko. It was nice to hear Kashiyuka and Nocchi both sing by themselves, too, because sometimes A~chan really steals the show. Even though they’re often vocoded and have only just started singing in lives, I think all three are really pretty good.

I ended up watching quite a few of their BEE-HIVE videos. They’re cute, but I love that you get more of a sense of them as individuals at this point (though Kashi is a bit bratty almost as a kid)!

Before bed swapped out the dryer door so it opens on the other side. Such a small, silly thing, but I felt so proud for thinking of the idea and doing it myself in an evening. It’ll make laundry easier, but i also feel so accomplished doing things like this around the house too :D


The Internet was back up today at work, for better or worse (haha). It snowed, just flurries, from around 11 to 1 and they were beautiful but didn’t stick at all. *snow I love the snow and loved seeing it fall today. I took a walk during lunch to spend some time out in it *onpu It might snow again Friday night. *sparkle

Not much else is happening, but hopefully I can keep spending these winter days peacefully & working hard…

Hope you’re all keeping warm.


Be Somewhere


Late Winter

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I haven’t had much to say lately. The same few thoughts keep running through my head and I’m trying to just seamlessly melt into this routine for a little while longer. I’m still keeping busy and the little things like dinner or outings with friends do make a big difference. I’ve also started to formulate a backup plan, which I feel fairly confident in as well. I’m also trying to get rid of a lot of the stuff that I have; I’m shedding clothes as I can and am reading my heaviest books so I can donate them.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow morning. I really hope it does. I’ll have to work either way, but if I can work from home I get more time back in my day since I won’t have to commute and can even stay up later.

I don’t really know what else to do.

I’m writing a post about seeing Perfume, but I still can’t fucking upload pictures with my WP app so that sets the whole thing back.