Rainy Day

April 19th, 2014 | Tagged:

Yesterday was cool and rainy, we had a cheese spread at work, and we were allowed to leave a bit early due to the slow day. *up Today has been the same–dreary and cool. I spent the morning in gym shorts doing some online work I’ve been meaning to do. I got a good bit done, and painlessly, too, so I’m quite relieved. The rest of the day I’ve spent out. I went shopping for some things for the house, (grabbed some picture frames in hopes of making my place a bit homier), and got myself a frappuccino, a sandwich, and a manicure/pedicure. All in all, a peaceful day.

Tomorrow is Easter. I was hoping to skip out on celebrating it, but my father’s asked me to come up and what can you do. I’m sure it’ll be a relaxing day. It’s also supposed to be warm and sunny so maybe I can wash my car or go hiking or something. :)

I found this artist Minuano recently. Her quiet, playful indie songs are perfect for peaceful spring days like today.


April 17th, 2014 | Tagged: ,


I have already received some Easter chocolate. I’m still surprised each year when I receive some, but as long as my parents want to keep giving it to me, I will keep eating it. :)

I’m not all that into Easter, (I keep forgetting when it is), but Dad would like me over to have dinner and whatnot with him.

The days have been quiet. I met with Mom, Dad, and Michael this week for meals. I also moved my computer desk by the window. It opened up my room considerably and I can peek outside as well.

That’s it for now *lalala