Japan Fest, Lake, & Anime

September 24th, 2014

Friday night Riho and I finally finished sewing and ironing and we met early Saturday to help each other into them. They turned out well! Honestly, I’m surprised at how well they turned out.

The festival was fun! We ate yakisoba, takoyaki, I got a croquette (which I had always wanted to try) & looked through all the booths and shops. There was a small row of booths set up as a traditional “summer festival” where you could buy toys and snacks and try “fishing” for water balloons. I didn’t catch one but they let you choose one anyway. haha

I got my omikuji (fortune) and I finally got good luck! I’ve only ever gotten worst luck, bad luck, and so-so luck. At least it’s consistently improving! Haha!!

We stayed just a bit later and then I drove up to my grandparents’ house in the mountains for my grandfather’s birthday. The lake was quiet since most people had packed up for the season. We had an amazing dinner: spaghetti and meatballs and apple pie. Sunday morning my grandfather took me four wheeling and through the mountain, which was beautiful in the morning. The water was cool, but I got in a swim before a headed back to the city as well :)

The days between events, (I lovingly call it ‘holy week’), was so busy and soon it was Friday. I met Riho and some of her schoolmates at con and did a bit of shopping. When the dealers room and artists alley closed, Riho and I went to get dinner and then to the sauna!

The sauna is Korean-style and I was a little apprehensive (Was I going to be uncomfortable changing and washing with everyone? Would I be the only white girl? Was I going to wear the rental sandals into the bath area like I did in Japan and get scolded?), but it was great! We went into about seven different saunas and various baths. It was really relaxing and lovely and it was great for my skin. I would definitely go back!

Saturday I went back for con, I cosplayed Naru from Hanayamata but I don’t think anyone noticed T-T. More shopping and panels, and then Home Made Kazoku had a concert! I’m really not a concert person and I only knew a few of their songs but it was so much fun! I was going to sit on the edges but ended up in the middle of the crowed. More panels and I finally went home around eleven.

Yesterday I spent with Dad; it was overcast and cool, beautiful fall weather :) I’ve been loving the cooler weather and can’t wait for apples, pumpkins, and Halloween. :)

Becoming Fall

September 19th, 2014

Is it already fall where you are? Sunday and Monday were the first fall-like days we’ve had here. The skies were feathery gray and the air was finally a little bit cool. Some very early leaves have been falling, but really the temperature has been mild and comfortable compared to humid and unbearable. Lately I can open the windows when I come home from work, which is a real treat.

Lately, my friend has been coming over after charging us with the imposing task of making yukata
for Japan Fest. Though I had a sewing machine and some minor experience, I did not feel we were up to the task. Things so far have been turning out well, much better than I expected, and sewing has turned out to be pretty fun. We’re hoping to finish tonight for the festival tomorrow(!).

A friend recommended a nearby bookstore recently, one I drove by everyday but which seemed to only sell specialty books. It turns out not only was that assumption unfounded, but it has the added bonus of being a point of operations for several cats living both inside the store and stays outside basking on the sunny sidewalks. They also rent out vintage books for stocking shelves in the backgrounds of movies and TVs, which is really pretty interesting.

After the festival tomorrow I’ll be leaving for the lake to visit my grandfather for his birthday. Most of the family is coming up and mom had already said she’s making apple pie~ It should be a nice weekend so hopefully I can do a bit of swimming before heading back to the city Sunday.