September 2016

June 22nd, 2017

Today I started a new class which I hadn’t done since last fall. Going back to the same building, to the same basement, reminded me of the month I studied last year. I remember how much I enjoyed the class but also how much I enjoyed coming home. Despite everything I loved that apartment. The soft smell of dust and faded paint. The creaky floorboards and standing radiators–somehow so much warmer and more pleasant than others. The night air was just cool enough so that it felt good to come in. The floors were uneven and imperfect and felt comforting beneath my feet. Even as it shook with the traffic outside, the building was worn-in and welcoming. I felt it would hold me protectively throughout the winter ahead.

July 2011

June 21st, 2017

My cousin was born while I was working the summer at my university. I would graduate in December, and it was my last summer to enjoy fully. It seemed particularly hot and humid. It was a strange, not altogether pleasant summer. But it was the first time I was paid to do what I enjoyed. I could watch the clouds come in soft and light then turn thick and purple from my chair.

The day my cousin was born I bought sushi in celebration at the student center. Even being so far removed, I felt blessed.