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Terrace House

May 19th, 2017 | Tagged: , ,

I’m totally into this show right now.

I got super bored of clothes and fashion for a long time. But I love some of the looks on this show and it’s made me think that maybe I can find a few outfits that I actually enjoy wearing. Because now I just do the best I can and I hardly ever feel that how I look represents me. And somehow that’s really important to me.


– loved her piercings



– cute behind-the-ear braid


– this outfit is one of my all-time favorites



– love this impish smile with thin, light jewelry


– didn’t notice this at first; not sure if she got this done during the show. neat location for a bigger piece. also saw that a lot of the girls wear a lot of very small, thin rings, which is really pretty. this show is now 2 years old, so i think that was part of a bigger fad that was going on then, especially the knuckle rings (not sure if that’s what it’s called?)



– a lot of her stuff was very girly: florals; lace; dresses; thin, flowy fabrics; etc. stuff i like to look at but can’t see myself wearing with any consistency. but I liked this cardigan (on her) a lot. this would be totally frumpy on me, though.



– I love the texture of this sweater, with the collared shirt and 3/4 pants. very boyish and cute. She also had a round watch with this one.




Gifts & Gets

February 2nd, 2012 | Tagged: ,

Picture post! I’d like to share some of the recent things that I’ve acquired. *lol


The puzzle, Portal earrings, human egg cell plush (lol), and butterfly necklace were all Christmas presents. Thank you, friends! *sparkle The bath salts were from Tiffany as thanks for sending her the Japanese magazines. Totally unnecessary and unexpected but I was thrilled! <3 They're lovely and I'll write up about them as well. :D ALSO she included the panda bear scrubby!! But it's actually a usapanda "bunny panda"!! SO CUTE...I love using it in the shower xD


Suddenly, recently, I got very sick of many of my clothes. *lol I feel like many things in my closet are too childish…either too short/too tight or just in general sort of juvenile looking. *ase1 So I’ve put many things aside for re-evaluation and in the meantime I’ve been buying clothes that are more lady-like and can also double as work clothes. (Not that I have a proper job yet, but I will…) Here’s what I’ve gotten so far~

fun & work clothes

The double-breasted blazer and ribbon dress are from Forever 21. The pink sweater, white button-down (you can barely see it!), navy-striped shirt, navy pants and ribbon sweater are from H&M.


Me being derpy in the dressing room. I’m wearing really light & natural make. :) My face seems to look strangely elongated and widened…haha *!? And I like my crazy hair here xD (from changing clothes)

loose top

Also got this top on sale at Old Navy for around $6. I love the pattern! (Sort of Japanese-ish) and I think this is gonna be really great for summer months <3
Anyway, like I said my plan is to be able to wear most if not all of this to work (as long as I’m not required to wear a suit everyday!) What do you think *?? I also got some proper work clothes like a suit and pencil skirt & sweater, but I figure those are kinda boring so I won’t introduce them :P